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The 2010 Oscars

I live-blogged the Oscars last night through Facebook. We had some great interaction, here's the highlights from the big show.

8:00 (Central Time) - I'm watching the Oscars, even though I haven't seen any of the movies up for awards. In fact, I'm not even sure what movies I saw in the theater in 2009. Is "Wolverine" up for anything?

8:15 - This Kathy-Ireland-Bot they have interviewing people at the Oscars is pretty good. It only seems about 60% robotic.

8:30 - Neil Patrick Harris starts off the Oscars. I guess they were afraid if they had the hosts do the musical number, Steve Martin would have insisted on bringing out the banjo.

8:44 - They're showing the clip from "The Blind Side," where a rich white woman adopts a poor African-American kid. I hope that movie doesn't inspire a lot of people to do the same, because you know it'll turn out like "Finding Nemo," when a lot of people went out and bought fish, then flushed them later when they got bored.

8:52 - Matthew Broderick and Molly Ringwald eulogizing John Hughes. It's 80's teen angst all over again. Man, he WAS the 80s.

9:02 - Boy, nothing breaks up the tension of an Oscars broadcast like a half hour salute to short films, foreign language flicks, and documentaries. It's like the Super Bowl halftime show being an all-star game of Words With Friends.

9:15 - Just watched the clip for "An Education." That's a movie I not only didn't see, I was actually unaware of its existence. That movie could have had Dolph Lundgren in it, for all I know.

9:19 - Sarah Jessica Parker's hair appears...unbrushed. And unwashed. And like someone's been rubbing a balloon on it.

9:25 - The Oscars salute to horror movies starts out with scenes from Jaws, The Exorcist, and Child's Play. One of these things is not like the others.

9:34 - Who is the woman on the arm of James Cameron? She looks awful. She looks like Helen Mirren SHOULD look.

9:45 - Demi Moore's skin is uncomfortably bronzed. With her dress the same color, she actually looks like an Oscar.

9:48 - Oscar tribute to the deceased of 2009. Anyone else unable to look at David Carradine the same way anymore?

9:49 - No Farrah Fawcett mention at the Oscars? It's always a bit confusing who gets in that montage, like when George Carlin was left out last year.

10:05 - They always complain about the Oscars running long, and yet they feel perfectly okay about having twenty people from a Gap ad burst onstage for a ten minute set of interpretive dance. Like what Avatar was missing was breakdancing and jazz hands.

10:16 - Man, The Hurt Locker is cleaning house. James Cameron is no longer king of the world.

10:32 - I'm not sure who Kate Winslet is wearing, but she has the hair of Jessica Rabbit.

10:35 - There is order in the universe. The Dude abides. They gave Jeff Bridges forever for his speech, man. Good job, man.

10:59 - Suck it, James Cameron. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Kathryn Bigelow winning over Cameron's Avatar in the same year his Terminator franchise finally runs aground must be especially sweet.

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